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Sunday, January 20, 2013

5 months Rauhah

Waktu bangun pagi ialah waktu mood die paling baik. Boleh komot sesuke hati dan bergelak ketawa sampai semput :P Gigi belum ada tapi asek sengih tunjuk gusi die.

Right now, she's busy exploring and would lay low when she see anything at our hand while lifting her. Hyper actively cheerful when she heard her rattles or anything similar to it. Mengesot pon dah laju tapi in reverse order.

Outside her mattress within a blink =_=

Push up!

Wants her mummy when she's cranky and I'm the only one could soothe her at times she cries out loud. Dulu, anyone could just dukung and hug her close, then she would be happy and giggles again. Now, no more. Only Ibu, Ibu and Ibu (insert crying smiles here) sampai Hubs said 'Abi ni tempat Rauhah nangis je' Oloooloooo...

Easily entertained (when she's in a good mood) with flasing screen but I try not to exposed her constantly - mata nak pakai lame lagi sayang oii.

I started giving her tasting food from fruits puree. Just a pinch or two to start her real solid. Honeydew was her first food other than milk and she loves it. Tried banana and dates, also like em too! But I tried sweet mango the other day but umphh..no. Ade jugak tak suke rupenyer. Haha.

Honeydew buat garu gusi :P

I'm actually super lazy to prepare her real solid food. To think about those food case that I have to clean and the food mixer that I have to clean, already added to my super laziness. I even not really sure myself when I'm going to start. Most mothers would start at 6 months and even her paed said I can start giving her solid at 4. Well, giving those bits of puree counted as solid food already aye? Hehe.

Anyhow, I consulted her paed last Thursday during her monthly jabs and he said solid food is not important when baby is fully breastfeed until one year old. Fuhh..that's relieving. Did you know that banana have the same energy with breastmilk, unlike apples and pears? Well, I just found out when her paed told me. Haha.

At 8.1kg 66cm heights. 

Her weights surprised me! I'm afraid she's obese but luckily she's in average range. Her heights is a little above average. That explains a lot why she's could wear one year old cloths nowadays. Diapers pun nk kne tukar L ni. Peha bam bam ngat. 

Poopoo ok. I dont have to keep scheduling anymore. Sleep pattern still the same. Just that I notice she would wake up at least two hours for feeding when she sleeps. Suakan bak je, settle. Both mommy and baby continue shut eyes while breastfeeding. Hehe.

Dah start melasak dengan aktifnye. Menyusu pon dah pandai freestyle. Kalau masuk nursing room tu, orang lain sopan je, die..macam-macam bunyi, macam-macam gaya ade. Haiyohh..

Hubs still learning handling Rauhah, like to lift her up when she cries from sleep, instead of just patting her. To hug Rauhah and talked to her often. As myself, I'm learning to balance this life as work is getting pilled up lately. I need to keep remind myself that family is priority and work could always wait.

Self note: No compromise when it involves Rauhah.

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peah @ peps said...

..betul...no compromise when it comes to your child...