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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby and Teats

Here are my mistake:
1) I read over the internet that we must change teats once in 3 months time. So I DID. 
2) Throw the only teats she used (Medela) WITHOUT replacing with the same teats

Comes to my problem which are:
1) I couldnt find stores selling Medela wide teats anywhere!! Not event the bottle itself!

2) I'm using Philips Avent bottle as that's the only teats we have in the house. 

Bought it during my pregnancy when I saw most of babies using this bottle without hesitation and read some review that it suits babies well. Fret not for Rauhah. I should have knock myself up cause babies are not the same! Sheeeshhhh! 

She's kinda want Avent but not as much she loved to Medela. It brings headache when we struggle to make her drink from it. Like I said in previous post that she would prefer drinks from bottles from direct feeding itself when she had Medela.

2) So, here comes try and error. 

Bought few teats. Pureen, Mothercare and NUK - She hates them all! So have back to Avent again. 

Well, it's not a big issue since she still could drinks from Avent but it's kind of troublesome for my babysitter where she need to give  effort to make her drinks from Avent. Rauhah would rubs the teats to her gum before really drinking to it. It could only be easy when she's REALLY hungry and CRANKY which is not good. (tak bestlah kan menyusahkan babysitter) 

It has been 2 months Rauhah using Avent and things are still the same. Hence, I googled and found this site that sells Medela stuffs. It took me quite a time to decide cause I''m confused of term 'wide teats'. Logically, wide teats should refer to the same size right? Again, I'm wrong.

Left: Medela wide teats 
Right: Avent wide teats

You see, Medela wide teats is not the same with Avent wide teats. Medela wide teats is almost similar size to normal teats (Pureen/NUK/Mothercare) but it's a little bit bigger on the open base. So I better be sorry now and bought the whole package. 

Though, it saids 0-4 months, the flow still suits my 5 months baby

Hubs and I did our test by replacing Avent and Medela in between. Rase macam tipu je bile die minum from Medela dengan golojohnyer and refuse Avent right after we changed.  I notice Medela teats is the most soft teats, compared from the rest of the teats that I bought. Maybe it explains why she love it.

So lesson learnt:
1) Do NOT throw teats when it's not over flow
2) If you want to throw it, make sure you keep it first before replacing the new teats
3) Make sure replace with the same teats in before changing with brand new teats



Salam. U dah cek FB ajasumybreastpump. She did sell lots of medela parts. Might as well she hv this wide teats in store.

The wife said...

Hi Baizura,

The blog that I mention is her's but purposely xbeli teats die :)