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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 months Rauhah

My house in a mess. HUGE mess! I hardly cook. I still have to do laundry but not folding the cloths which resulted piled up shirts and what not in the basket case =_= Kalau ade monthly house chores appraisal, bulan ni under requirements lah pendek kata. All because of Rauhah needs more attention lately. 

There are so many things happen when she's 6 months old. Both Hubs and I starts to struggle when

1) Rauhah started to have rashes under her neck and at the back, together with fungus. It became a concern when she always wants to garu those area and when I hold her hands, she would scream and shakes her head.

We suspect that she gets it from babysitter house. Probably from another baby matt/pillow that her babysitter used. It could also because of the heat where she always sweat and her skin is quite sensitive these days. We went to clinic and the doctor prescribed anti fungus cream. Fungus went off after few days but the rashes keeps coming on and off. There are so many reason when it comes to rashes, probably she's allergic with some food that I ate or the new lotion/baby powder that I gave to her babysitter. Gotta keep an eye on this.

2) Cried out loud whenever she's awake from sleeping. Macam mengigau pun ade sbb die nangis dalam pejam mata. I have to wake her up or else she wont stop crying. Dah bangun tu, ok je la pulak.

3) Soooo clingy with her mother. It's a good thing but aiyoooo.. celik mata je nak mak payah la nak oi. She even cry when she saw strangers or people gathered around her.

Nevertheless, we hit major milestone for her:
1) Starts her solid food (love all fruits puree but not when we add porridge or EBM) We tried carrots and she loves it!
2) Fullmark on her rolling over!
3) Started to crawl but quickly put herself down when she moves forward

4) She would then mengesot dengan lajunya if she see anything that interesting (eg: water bottles, paper, remote, except her toys -_-")
5) Rambut dah banyak. WohA!
6) Mulut sudah becok! She always sounds 'eyy taa taa taaa'

Looking forward to:
1) Sit without support
2) Her teeth! I mention she starts rubbing her gum since 4months old but no sign of teeth coming out, yet!!

Which ever it is, we all love you so much sayang! Semoga jadi anak solehah yer :)

1 comment :

orggilacinta said...

ya allah kelakar nye tgk rauhah ai taa taa taaa..hahaha..comel sgt... dgn lidah die tu..haha