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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sushi & Pregnant Mom

I'm not a big fan for sushi. The most that I ever ate is just the one over the counter at any Jusco, with egg or  unagi ingredient.

The Wife had this craving for sushi like since ever, even before being pregnant. Once in a while she'll be asking to eat sushi. I never prevent her to have sushi. She did went for a few sushi session with girlfriends but we never eat sushi together at sushi restaurant (most of the time only over the counter Jusco sushi).


Yesterday, we went to Sushi King at Midvalley for lunch. To my surprise the food is quite nice. I first imagine that they only have those rare food that are totally not to my taste.

Obviously I didn't take anything raw but I think I can be there again next time.

Below are few of the sushi that we had.





After had sushi for lunch we went to shop for few maternity clothes for the wife. Bought quite a lot and hope this will suffice until the 9th month.


End up being so tired and went home for a good sleepppp..


Aan Andes said...

Angah, unagi slice contain alcohol. Maybe you can avoid this next time. Along pernah email sushi king sendiri and they replied the same.

Ref: http://nazri.flavert.com/2011/01/19/sushi-king-halal-kecuali/

The wife said...

Patutlah unagi sedap :P

Thanks Along!