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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Me, Doctors and Med

I am 18 weeks and missed my four month check up. It was supposed on 4th March but I didn't get info when hospital called me to inform that they want reschedule the appointment. I have this habit where I don't pick up calles from unknown numbers. So I knew it was cancelled when I already reached at the hospital. Dr Tan already went home and there's other doctor but it's either man or non muslims.

So we take the chance to change the doctor to Dr Seri. Hubs and I always have this conflict when meeting Dr Tan cause we really wants to change to muslim doctors but hardly told her because she is super nice and a good doctor. It will be awkward and we think she might be offend if we said we want to change because we prefer muslim doctors.

Luckily we had asked Yoi and Nadia (they had Aryan at the same hospital as well) about this issue and they said they also have Dr Tan earlier but changed to Dr Seri. We just have to inform the admin without current doctors permission. Phew, that we easier.

But the problem is Dr Seri is not having any appointments on weekends and the next available date is next month which I'll be at 21 weeks. She had a full appointments on her list as she's the only muslim women gynea in the area. Takpelah. Mencari yang lebih baik itu kan bagus :) Lega betul rasanya bile dapat doctor perempuan muslim ni :)

Currently I am taking two pills which are pramilet and caltrate. This was given by Dr Tan everytime I went for check up. I've heard some women had obimin which I assume both had acid folic and other vitamins but was unsure about the difference so I had google for info.

I'll probably asked Dr Seri about this later on but I think both works the same way but the amount of vitamins consumed for your baby depends on your body as well. I think Dr Tan gave me pramilet because I am 'well fed' thus afraid more unused mineral will turns to fat or other God-knows-how unwanted side effect.

She once told me to stop taking any milk and don't start with any pregnancy milk just yet. I just love Omega and Oat cause I tought it is to burn calories and gives me calcium that I need but she said it is good but when your body consumed things that your really don't need it, then it'll turns it into stuff that is not good for you.

Therefore, I learn that never assume anything for your health. Go meet your doctors and get the right info. Your health is not worth to gamble on, especially when there's another life depends on it.

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