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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nasi Lemak

I have a friend who can't understand why people eat Nasi Lemak with ayam goreng or rendang or paru etc. because for her, Nasi Lemak is originated with rice and sambal while eggs, cucumber and peanuts is the side dish. She told me that eating Nasi Lemak with those heavy meat would disturb the taste. She really makes fuss over it. Haha.

Anyway, it's almost impossible to find nyummy Nasi Lemak with price RM1 but I do know there's one stall selling it at Kampung Baru. It's open after Maghrib and selling very fast. 

Comel je bungkus :D

As it just seringgit, so dont expect the size is plenty as normal Nasi Lemak you bought. But the smell..umphh...enough to make your mouth watery :P Sedap tau. I guarantee one is not enough.

No fried anchovies and peanut but this is all do :)

Kampung Baru is big but if you know where Petronas Kampung Baru is, then it is easier for me to navigate. If you are coming from Jalan Tun Razak, there's one alley, Jalan Raja Uda 1, before Petronas (which is on your left). Take the road along till the end and turn right to Jalan Raja Uda. You'll see small stall right after it on your left. 

My direction may sound useless but I'll try to screen capture Google maps later because I give up using Skitch app!! This is where I miss Windows :P 


orggilacinta said...

ko ni wat air liur aku meleleh je kan..dah le aku tgh catu makanan aku nii..

The wife said...

ala Linda, makan ni satu je cukup arh. lps tu jgn makan dah satu hari. ehehhehe.

Unknown said...

mak aii..sodap eh..betul tuh linda, tkeliur kn..aku dh la tgh start mengurangkan makanan blemak..hihi nantikan entry aku psl healthy and ape yg aku lalui smlm ye..cewah mcm poyo je bunyik nye..hahaha

The wife said...

ha tulih jangan x tulih. eh ade contest kurus for blogger tp aku xsave plak link tu. hehe.