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Monday, January 16, 2012


My other half went to PLKN Serdang last Saturday. I thought I will be fine without him away, as if he used to go outstation for few days before this.

But no.

I was wrong.

I teared up at the moment I reached home and saw his towel hanging at the corner of the bed.

The first night was okay as I manage to sleep well and didn't think much about it. Maybe I am just tired for a long journey that day.

The next day, I was left alone (almost) entire day. Angah back and fourth settling Acik's going back to her hostel - buying some groceries and running some errands for us.

I completely sober the whole day.

Called and texted Hubs few times on that day until he texted 'They gonna take away all handphones'

Turns out they only allowed handphones during weekends.

I started to weep.

Thinking about I will not hear any of his voice, nor his news of what's happening on his side.

He left someone else phone numbers, in case of emergency.

I hardly sleep last night. Went out of bed after almost an hour trying and went to sleep with Angah, but don't want to disturb her. Going back to our room and trying again. Well, I did sleep but wakes up almost every hour.

Oh, I miss him miserably.

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