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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food and gath

Cerita KK belum habis tp nk cerita pasal open house :P

You see, this weekand is the last weekand for of Syawal and we have plenty of open house to attend with. We planned for our own open house as well this year but didnt manage to do so due to over whelming activities for the past few days/weeks :P I already bought 6 cans of Preggo! but takpe. Maybe we can plan something later.

Yesterday is for Yatie's wedding, Fiza's open house and SS house warming. You could imagine how many food that we stuffed in. Both Hubby and I choose to wear our Raya outfit. Mood Raya la katakan :P Kenduri this time sedap (as always) dengan karipap, kek, bubur kacang but we really take it easy on the first house. We bumped into Uena and we have quite a chat on her wed prep. Looks like both Hubby and I going to spend our weekand on Penang next month - means another holiday!!

I think I saw this somewhere..

It was almost Asar by the time we heads off from the wedding, so thinking might as well drop by to Fiza's house. She insist we come over at night since her Pandan's clan (her ex-housemates at Pandan Indah. We know each other when I always stay over their house during bachelorette days :P) and Linda will be there at that time. But we already have SS open house planned earlier, thus we come crash at the evening.

Cakap nak buat satu je.

Kuih pun ade (and bekas kosong :P)

We used to work together at the old company and very close till today (and many more to come). Plenty of stories to shared and chit chat with but it's almost late evening. Sekejap je lepaking and by the way, we bought the same baju kurung for Raya!! HAHA! The same exact design but different color. Besties sokmo gitu kan?! 

Oreo cheese cake yang nyummayh! Recipe copied!

Tuan rumah and their baby guest. I just love this candid photos!

Balik rumah, solat for Asar and Maghrib then head to SS's crib for barbeque and you know what, both of Hubby and I forgot to bring some potluck! Tak malu sungguh! Luckily Mekarian je :P SS just bought his house at D'Alpinia, Puchong. Gorgeous house, plus it's end lot! 

Ni rumah depan die

SS, other half, cooks and gardener :P

Some of food no 1

Some of food no 2

Some of food no 3

Some food no 4..and 5

We had so many of foods that night and we 'have' to stay quite late to finish it all. Ok. I lied. We stayed late cause we played cards. No. No. Not poker. (so called) more civilized cards - monopoly deal. It takes some time to understand the whole rules but at the end, we all get used to it. To think back, it took almost one hour or more to finish one round. Deal breaker la. Some birthday girl/boy yang satu bulan ade doploh kali la. Haha.

Burn them all!!!

 From Durrus

Mushroom cheese yang nyummayh!!

Ibu mengandung merehatkan perut

Gardener pun ade Galaxy Tab tau

Alhamdulillah, so far, we never failed to keep it touch and makes small/big gathering even it's been 3 years since graduating. Some of us already have family and kids but we still close like the old days. And Thank God that all of my course mates spouses are so cool having quirky friends like us :P

 In the name of IT, everyone at the back, leave your gadget aside!

..and played cards :P

Ice cream sponsor

Hartawan kira duit :P

Although each and everyone have their own commitments and priorities, we tried to make time for each other - catch up some stories..but most of the time, teasing each other :P 

'The bond that links a true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each others life'
- American Writer

Today, we have another open house at Senah's and again dapurku tak berasap lg. This time, more familiar faces from previous company. We reached almost end of the day and leave after Maghrib. Senah had new pet anyway and knowing how much she hates cats makes me wanna laugh hard. Most of my friends who hates cats end up stuck living with them or at least cats would chase them for food :P

Additional pet. This one veryyy manjaaaa.

Oh, this time we bring along Acik and Angah. Yesterday both of them went out to shop and buy some stuff. They went out early in the morning (or Hubby and I wake up late :P) leaving us at home for the rest of the evening. Angah da penah datang rumah Senah during Puasa last time, so she pretty know most of my ex-officemates so far ;)

Gigi baru tukar kaler


Tenkiu Tuan Rumah! Perut Mek Tur interframe :P

Senah siap tapaukan food for us to bring back home and bakal menjadi menu dinner utk malam esok. Haha. Mek Tur and Jaja pun take away. Ngan Lilin skali kne paksa tapau. Haha. Mala, Ewin ngn Yew Shuen balik a bit early with Azhari and Shahir. To list their name here reminds me that all of us working at Brunei project last year. Boleh panggil Brunei clan ar. Haha.

Semoga bertambah rezeki kawan-kawan yang buat open house Raya ni. Yang tak buat tapi datang pun murah rezeki jugak sebab dapat makan free ;))

ps: Thank you Allah for all the happiness around us. 

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