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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demam kek

Pavlova cancelled. Today is cheese cake day!

Kek Batik semalam for a officemate

I was shopping some stuff for Pavlova but instead, I bought cheese cake ingredients as well. Straight away call Senah (thank you Husna for the guide!), googling for the recipe, refer some pictures here and there through my iPhone (thank you technology!) and I spent almost one hour at Coldstorage just looking for the right whipping cream.

..yang halal of course. None of the brand has halal logo by JAKIM so I have to read the ingredients and dig from Google what is non-halal emulsifiers. Guest what, all of the whipping cream has E407 and it's not halal. This includes product by Emborg, Alra, Elle & Vire (or some name like that), President, and what else tak ingat but I am not sure about Anchor brand cause KLCC Coldstorage didnt sell Achor whip cream. The only two brand that I saw no E407 is Paul and Betty Crocker but I choose Paul cause they have halal logo by Australia.

You can refer the list of halal emulsifiers here.

Ok. Back to the topic. There are so many ways to cook cheese cake. Some use eggs and some not, some add lemons, use mixer or they have none, they'll cook the cheese on hot stove. The hard part is getting the halal gelatin. Senah bought it online and I found some gelatin sold here but I doubt the ingredients. Therefore I replace the gelatin with agar-agar. Same function but might a bit tricky to those who don't know how to estimate the agar-agar cause it will make your too solid. Cheese cake kan lembut di atas ;)

Anyhow, here are the ingredients:
Serbuk agar-agar and gula kastor not in the picture :P

Balik kerja terus semangat nak buat cake. It's easy though. The base are made of McVitis and butter. Crush the cookies as much as you want and heat the pan to melt the butter. Try not to boil the butter, just melt it and add the crushed cookies. Mixed them well and put it in container. 

Hancur dalam mangkuk tapi tadah dalam besen. Tgk..comot..

Melt the butter

Add the cookies

Mixed them well and put it container. Kasi padat tau. Leave it in the fridge.

The base part was easy. I could do it for 10 times! Haha. Then comes the top layer. I mixed the whip cream, put a side then mixed cheese with sugar, agar-agar (I use one tea spoon and half cup water but end up put it only 4 drops of it) and strawberry jam (this one is optional). Later baru add the whip cream. I followed this instruction. At the same time refer to this person. Adjust sesuke hati. Ngeh2.

Mixer sbelum comot (Inside is the whip cream)

Ha..comot bekas. Tu tak tgk keliling wayar la ape la. First time gune mixer la katakan.
(Put aside whip cream and mix other ingredients)

Combine all the mix stuff and put it in the container. Leave it in the fridge.

I planned to put strawberry on top but forgot sebab meratah lebihan cheese. Sedap wooo. Tapi cake xtau la stay keras ke tak, sebab agar-agar letak sikit sangat. Dah siap baru Angah cakap 'Letak banyak xpe' (=_=)" My cheese cake might end up melting after few minutes come out from the fridge (=_=)" I was fasting today but I am so eager to make the cake and only drink water for berbuka. Masuk Isya' mule menggelupur lapar. Sep bek Angah buat dinner. 

I request begedil since yesterday and Angah being so nice to do it for me us

Siap buat Mee Sup. Aww...I love you, Angah!!

See..this is what sisters do. We cook each others meal but normally Angah will cook what I want to eat. HEHE. Pavlova? Esok laaa..esok laaa... Malas nk layan oven. Cecehhh...alasan :P Alamak esok B balik! Pavlova ganti cheese cake lg sedap kannn? kann??

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