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Friday, July 29, 2011


We have this conversation about money where I wish how we can grow money over the tree. Everyone can grow a tree but only the one who have really work for it, plant it correctly and of course the right skill of getting the money out it. But being a wise man he said 'Kalau sume pon boleh grow money, sape nk jual food? sape nk cuci sampah? sape nk bukak business?' I debate the word ONLY the one work hard enough can plant the money, means not everyone. It's a long argument discussion. Anyhow, a lot of things screams for 'kaching!' around us.

First it was our car but we neglected cause it 'fixable'. We cut the cost by buying liquid glue, silicon based glue, UHU, gam gajah, and even cellotape. Yeah, we put everything that we know to make sure it can stay there. Haha.

Tak de kete lain da mcm ni dlm dunia

Those side mirror has been there since the past two months. It sticks quite hard you know. We already went to Besut and KB, so far still hold strong. Hehe. Slagi tak cabut,tak parah sangat,we keep it like that. 

Then it comes to this antic bike. First the tyre. Oh yeah, I have to add this story. We went out one night just because we both was damn bored and was so gatal nk jalan Giant that is few km from home. Gatal jalan2 naik moto, xnk naik kete. Half way Hubby wanted to isi angin tayar and we stop by petrol station on our way to Giant. Series of unfortunate events Episode 1 starts when the pump doesnt work (the petrol station close the air from the pump. lain kali letak sign boleh? xde la ktorg try smpai habis angin kluar) and to make it worst, it makes our tyre even more pancit.

Well as for me, I refuse to ride on it cause it looks worst that the time before we pump it but Hubby on the other hand said 'boleh, boleh' and there you go, Episode 4. We went to buy the tyre pump at Econsave few meters away. Bought it, pump it, still doesnt work. Then realized the tyre da pecah. Flat trus. At last I have to wait there cause he wanted to bring back the bike (faster rather than we both tolak the motor) and pick me up with car.Half hour dating dragged to 2 hours sweat and tired outing. Lolz.

Then Hubby's pet. His DSLR. He suddenly died on us when we met Siti Saleha during friends reception. He,as always - the photographer, ready to take picture and clicked. Clicked. Clicked. Look at the camera and I was like 'Hello B, I am with public figure ni. People are waiting for their turn and I dont know what else to talk to her'. Thank god we have iPhones. I hand the phone and ask him to use it instead. With no reason it just can't focus and give black pictures. Duh. Cost us almost thousands.

Sent to the manufacturer

Habis tayar pancit, and camera, next is the side mirror. This is not our fault - entirely. We saw the right side of the side mirror on our basket when we was about to go to the office in the morning. Side mirror can wait. So our bike is cacat with one side mirror. Then is the brake. This one could kill. Straight to workshop and fixed it. Cause hundreds! Bah.

Lihat kecacatan itu. Tapi brake da fixed.

That picture was taken about three weeks ago and just recently another side mirror is missing. I think there's some kind of side-mirror haters around our home.

Our bike is side-mirror-less

Geezz...berapa bnyk series of events da. We can talk about money till end but the point if you think you can plan you money, YOU ARE WRONG! To survive this, you need saving and back up plan which you cant entirely counting on your salary. Investment is necessary and both of us are planning something for it. Will spill the bean when it's really confirm (ar...cant wait!)

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