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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby talk

We went to Along's last week and I wear a white shirt with blue ribbon pattern. Why did I tell you my shirt? It's all about our lovely Zahra Elena. We think she feels gross to see the blue and white together as white suppose to be clean and just white. She would go 'Eeeee' everytime she sees me (on and off)

And to our surprise she can said her name but refuse to say Mummy. She would go 'Mama' everytime we teach her Mummy. Lolz Zahra. Aunty Pijat (Kak Jah) sounds Babat. Maybe combination on Babah+Pijat (sebab Abah selalu skype using Kak Jah's laptop and talk to her trough there) and I wonder she might end up calling me Eeee :P

Who knows what she think but all of us glad you are getting better my dear ^__^

See timeline 0:28 - she get up and notice my shirts =_='

Why don't anyone learn baby talk? I mean, does anyone keen to investigate or explore what they are saying? Some people take 100 of years to investigate germs or prehistoric stuff but why not do the same for them? I can see a lot of advantages such they wont cry out loud or make headaches when people dont understand what they want. Oh..that wouldn't be fun anymore right  :P

Ahh...babies always be adorable even they give us headaches. I believe that God makes them so pure till they can cure any heart to whomever lays their eyes on them :)

1 comment :

Aan Andes said...

alalala comelnya haha. Thanks for uploading it, nak curi letak kat blog :D