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Friday, July 29, 2011

Harimau Malaya

Who didnt watch last night match? Boooooo!!

Haha. I love footballs since our Uni time. Friends influence. Hubby on the other hand, like always, layan je semua. We both went to SNBJ to support our team. It was our first time to literally cheer from the stadium. All these while we just supporters in front of tv je. (mintak maaf rumah atas, bawah, kanan dan depan :P). It was 15 minutes ride (of course with our dearly motor) and to arrive there when the match just started, was killing me! The cheer, oh mannnn, gives us shivers and makes us want to run through the building. 

THE stadium

People starts parking on the road from the toll. Pergh. Penangan Harimau ;) We bought Grand Stand ticket and it takes us almost 15 minutes just to go inside. It was so jammed at the gate! Later we just realize that we went to sit next to SG supporters. Bah! 

SG supporters 

Never mind, we have all Malaysian supporters across the whole stadium. The spirit was all over the stadium. We were screaming and singing for Malaysia. It was devastating to see that SG players shows A LOT of drama. And yes, they win - The best actor on the field. We are so proud with our Malaysian players. They fought as a real player and we are so proud that we lost with dignity.

Heading home is another challenge. Another traffic jam. Massive one. 


Arrived home safely after 20minutes. Slow moving from the stadium to the toll but after that was clear road. If you asked me again, would we go to the stadium again, with the hassle, sweat and tiring of standing for almost two hours? Yeah, we will! And dear Hubby, thank you for being so LOUD for the game ^_^

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