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Monday, May 24, 2010

Kursus Kahwin, Cuti, Photographer, etc

I don’t know why suddenly Sayang ask me to write some updates here, and she really insist.

I believe this space is really for her to express herself. This is the only world of her own that she can really say whatever she wants. I don’t want to include any other things that might spoilt that.

But, how can you resist when your love really insist on you doing something, right?

Kursus Kahwin

We have planned on 29 – 30 May. I feel bad that the week is on Wesak Day. The week supposed Sayang can spend the whole long week with her family.

* Kita tukar tarikh lain ye Sayang?


Seems like both of us aren’t gonna spend much on Aidilfitri this year. Or otherwise? Because on the first week of raya, we didn’t plan for any leave.

We’ll plan to have all of our leave taken for the wedding. So, Raya + Wedding + long holiday = better I guess.

And we’ll have another long holiday during October ^___^

Kad Kahwin

At first we plan to create our own invitation card. But I guess there is not much time and lack of expertise.

We decide to scout at LH-Creative first in coming week.


Sayang surrender already. HAHA! She had a hard time deciding. And me too. I just don’t really know who’s worth hiring but overall we have someone in mind.

Yet to talk to him.


Not that we’re going to have our wedding at Brussels. But I wish we can. Any sponsor?

Sayang going to have business trip for another two weeks to Brussels. I’m going to miss her so much again.


We have so much to do yet the time is sooo limited.

  1. visit alia/matjun newborn
  2. mekar gathering at Sg Chilling
  3. shop for barang hantaran
  4. weddings, weddings, weddings and weddings.
  5. Sayang preparation for Majlis also yet to finalize.

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Unknown said...

*giggles all the way from start to end*

apsal la g masuk psl kije tah.haha!
nk edit ke? xyah laaa :P