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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kursus kahwin and Kad kahwin

Selesai 1/3 kursus kahwin! Hehe. Padahal esok ade 1hari lg ni tp xsabar2 nk update :P The reason is..we manage to settle our wedding invitation card today! We choose LH Creative to design our card. White theme of course and we kinda 'design' our card based from what they have. It was a fun session with Mr. Fiancee as it was like an art class. We cut and paste the card since we like certain design but different font or color from what the existing card they. Basically we combine the design and the tokey comes for agreement :)

We owed them our map and address which we will send them an email. They said they gonna make a sample first and show it for our approval to print them. Alhamdulillah, they agreed to give us one free bunting and we agree no picture of us in that bunting. Hehe. Basically it was very simple design for both card and bunting. The best thing of all, we get it within our budget! (clap2)

Kursus kahwin went well for the first day - somewhere in Putrajaya. Mr. Fiancee thought it starts at 2pm and we kinda in rush. But end up it starts at 2.30pm. Lolz. Sempat la nk solat dulu. First session was interesting and funny - about Akhlak dalam Islam and Hubungan dalam Keluarga. Second session a bit dull but still can make me awake (but Mr. Fiancee said he started to feel sleepy :P. Sume cite buruk psl Mr. Fiancee je neh.hehe) - about Kesihatan and Stress.

Sangat informative and we kinda refresh our memory back from what we have learned during zaman blaja topik Munakahat dulu ;) All the way home asek ckp psl kursus tu je ^__^

Tomorrow is another full day from 9am - 6pm. Fuh! Good luck for both of us!

ps: Plan to have our blood test next week!

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