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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can I say we halfway done?


Ceh..macam lame sangat je tak update kn. but really, we dont have much update since my last post (ehem. notice MY sbb previous entry Mr.Fiancee yg tulis. thank you love!)

Only now, we have much progress and oh my god, suddenly I have to fly to Brussels next week. A lot of thing MUST execute before I fly, else tak sempat. Plus, people keep on asking and expecting we are half way to the wedding preparation but none been done. Hoho :P

BUTTT,..BUTTT! We have progress dah! I manage to take leave today and meet our wedding planner. Finally I meet Abang Mie from Amy Mustafa Bridal Gallery. He is such a lovely guy and sangat kindhearted okay! He gave me this wonderful wedding dress which I doubt I can wear such thing - ever in my life. He convinced me and I decided to have it for my reception.

Have I mention its gonna be white+pink theme for the reception? Yeah.. I hardly found my beloved turquise, which sangat, SANGAT susah nk cari and the only boutique offers the dress, da tutup (I only assumed this since there's no update in the net and the blog already closed) -sigh- Turns up, Umie decided we go for pink again this time. Oh well, better than amek such turqoise yang not what I imagine kan ;)

What else, oh..we can scratch these item ^__^ (big YEAY!):
1. Tempah Baju Nikah + Baju Melayu
2. Wedding Reception outfit
3. Make up
4. Pelamin
5. Bilik pengantin + Deco
7. Dewan + Deco + Kerusi Meja
8. Meja pengantin + Deco
18. Guest list
19. Wedding cake for reception
20. Home deco (Cat bilik/Katil)

Ha..banyak kan. Suke! Suke! Suke!

Oh..I manage to get white bedroom set for bilik pengantin! Whee~! Cant wait all this to happen. Fuh fuh..

Okay, now lets start with what we planned before I fly next week. Me and Mr. Fiancee gonna:
- setel our kursus nikah this weekand
- book our kad kahwin
- HIV test

Maybe we can survey white bed sheet if we manage to catch some time next week, or I can ask my collegue to have a shop during weekdays :) Oh another thing, next meeting with my wedding planner, kne bring my dream pelamin. Still like the previous pelamin I post earliear but I like this kind of backdrop - ade sling2 gitu.

 pics taken from here

All I can say is 'Alhamdulillah..may Allah permudahkan segala urusan dalam meniti hari bahagia itu' and sangat excited la pulak ble da setel hal yang satu ni kan. Hehe. 

Hopefully, next post gonna be on catering, deco meja+krusi guest kat dewan and another thing to bring for my wedding planner, kain nikah that I bought during engagement hari tu. Mr. Fiancee suggested maybe we can ask Abang Mie to design and make it for our reception on his side. 

Oh, sangat super seronok ^__^

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