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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The arrival of number three

The last check up was on Friday, 2 June and the scanning process was longer than before. We found out that the baby's head is not even close to cervix which means the baby somehow didnt show the sign to come out anytime near and I already 40weeks and 1day overdue. Contraction was there but very minimal. We can wait for another week but my AFL reading is on minimum level, so the doctor suggest that I go for an induced on Monday 5th June. The baby already weigh 4kg through the scan and I already doubting myself if I could do it normally. The doctor then did VE and convinced that I can deliver the baby from down there. Doctor pun yakin, so xde la nervous sgt nk push big baby.

CTG was scheduled everyday until the D-day and we went for a check up on the next day. This time the contraction reading is higher but still minor. I still manage to cook for berbuka and plan to make carbonara for that Saturday but around 5pm I started to feel the real contraction but again, I am doubting myself if it is real. Seriously, jadi tak reti nk branak this time. Haha. Better yet, routine masak basuh pinggan and kemas mana patut still buat dalam pada contraction tu. Konon nk tunggu lepas Isya' baru pergi ER tp tgh2 berbuka tu dah raise white flag. Makan pun slow je padahal lapar.

Pungpang2 dgn maghrib dulu and siapkan kids, pukul 9.15pm smpai ER. Time ni dah 7minutes interval tu pun still tak yakin lg sakit nk bersalin. Check CTG mcm biasa and after an hour baru nurse check opening and I am 6cm dilated. Husband wasnt around sebab kne jaga kiddos. Part ni lagilah rase tak yakin je tp buat2 la kuat smangat kan. But somehow rezeki tu ada, nurse asked her collegue to take care of the kids and Husband masuk labor room. Wah terus smangat. Haha.

I have the contraction but it wasnt that strong. Padahal buat VE dah 8cm dilated and somehow masuk ubat berak, doc break the water, baru rasa sakit gilaa and jadi tak reti lagi nk beranak. Time push pun, my leg tak relax and I was so kelam kabut nk let the baby out. Alhamdulillah with all the support from Husband and the rest of the team, the baby finally come out at 11.13pm. Husband kata lagi cepat this time for me nk push the baby tp why la rasa mcm lama. Probably sebab I was thinking too much and being calculative kot. Lol.

A healthy 3.81kg boy was born and praised to Allah for all the blessing He gave to us. May this little mujaheed become anak soleh and brings all the goodness for all of us. Amin.

ps: Last2 mmg keluar hari Sabtu pun :P cuma 40weeks 2days not during 38weeks like the rest :P

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Waiting game

Am using husband acc cause I just really dont bother to logout from his PC. My HP is acting up and I feel like updating this blog, well more of ranting about this time pregnancy.

It has been 39 weeks and 5 days. Still no show the baby gonna come out tau (should I sigh here?) I was so convinced that this time the baby will come out around 38 weeks but neh.. look who's playing the waiting game. Major sign pun xde, padahal almost 40weeks dah. I just have several cramps and probably few contractions/Braxton Hicks - I'm not too sure myself. Jadi tak reti plak this time around. We even went to ER last week and it was false alarm.

I am fasting and I broke No-Outside food record this Ramadhan on the first day. Then the next day baru start masak for berbuka. It was supposed to be Nasi Minyak but after cooked gulai daging, goreng ayam and buat acar, trus rasa macam eh 'tak larat la nk masak nasik' so makan nasik putih je. Luckily Husband mmg jenis tak fussy as long ade food on the table. Then yesterday dah ready Mee Goreng je and suddenly 6.40pm rasa nk masak Nasi Tomato. Trus masak and we eat that for sahur.

The baby was overall sitting so nice in there. Nothing much to complain about except the longer time and the tiredness mostly come from the sister and the brother. Baru two toddlers tp mcm2 prangai. Kesian kiddos asek kene marah je. Aqil just weaning off on the first Ramadhan. Lama btul and mmg tricky with drama semua nk wean off with this fella. Tgh mlm kalau die terjaga, I have to prepare his water bottle and a bread because he always ask something to eat but always end up having a bite with his eyes closed and fall asleep. Haha.

Anyway, I heard that baby no 3 mmg sneaky and different. Well, semua baby pun lain and doctor pun dah start asking if I want to be induced but I would prefer to have natural birth la of course. She agrees and add 'Biarlah dia nk kluar bila2. Perancangan Allah tu kan lebih baik' Huu sentap sekejap asek tak sabar suh baby kluar cepat. Huhu. My head dah start fikir macam2 when it close to 40 weeks but hopefully everything will be as smooth and safe through out the labor time nanti.