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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eid 2018

Happy Raya everyone!

First post in 2018. We actually plan tak balik raya sebab thinking nak hadap jam with budak2 kecik ni but wth, lets redah balik midnight, hopefully traffic was a lot better and alhamdulillah it was a good move. We balik Besut midnight a day before Raya. Traffic was crazy at Tol Gombak and we use the old road, exit at Genting Sempah. Traffic was a lot better there. Then the rest of the journey was smooth. Gerak pukul 12.30am smpai Besut at 8.30am. We stop for fuel, sahur and subuh. Take turn tido and drive. So thats why quite awal la sampai.

I have done crazy baking this time around, the list goes up to 11 jenis kuih but Im having trouble with the bekas. padan muka sapa suruh tangguh beli. 1 type divide by 3 bekas, Umi, Mama and ours at home. So dapat buat dalam 6jenis je. Kuih coklat, kelapa pandan, choc chip, semperit dahlia, sarang semut, and German cookies.

First raya, Mama invited all the relatives so we had nasi gulai kawah, acar and ayam goreng. Not to forgot laksa penang. That day sempat gerak raya rumah Tok Su je lain melepak kat rumah. I had fever in the evening siap xbgn gigil ttbe tah. Rauhah and Aqil went to the beach ikut their cousins. I was thinking joining them too but omgg tak larat betul. Mkn panadol and woke up at 9.30pm feeling a lot better sambung makan perut cicah air asam. Haha. Me and makan berpisah tiada.

Outfit raya was recycled as usual. Macam2 story baju raya this time, Rauhah pakai dress actually but kuah laksa tumpah kene habis 1 dress, so tukar la pakai baju lain. Me plak kain xde, trtgal kat Bachok, rembat la pakai sluar. The boys were fine, except a little bit under the weather.

The second day, we balik Bachok pulak. Tu pun dah at the evening, jam la as usual. Tu pun I hardly remember what I did, probably making noises about the prep for tomorrow makan2. Haha. Umi ajak adik beradik makan on the third raya tp prep semua nk buat besok. Biasa la manusia seperti I tak suke tunggu besok, trus ambik pisau kupas bawang semua and the rest follows. Dinner I dah xleh telan gulai lemak, Umi buat singgang. Heaveannnn!!!

Third day makan2 again with the exceptional gulai umba nyior. This cannot tak makannn. With ikan masin, acar and sambal mempelam. Got two cakes from our cousins, the heavenly sweet cold tapai and fresh corn from our neighbour's farm.

Went pink on 3rd Raya, termasuklah sampah belakang tu :P

Kids were having their time with cousins. Tau2 panggil makan. Kejap2 tnyr pegi mana. Drama air mata tu memang x lari lah but when it comes to kene strict, still kne strict. You still can have fun but kene behave, or else xyah terus.

Balik on the night on the third raya. Husband rush balik mlm tu jugak and the traffic wasnt so bad. Ramai on the road although it was 1am. Kalau balik siang, mmg hadap la. Tu pun Husband drive alone. I slept throughout the journey tp sedar la he stop for a sleep somewhere at RnR. He said dalam 40min jugak kot die tdo. Brenti bgn subuh je, then sambung tdo balik. Sleepyyyy! Safely arrive at 8.30am jugak. Rush gila rasa Raya this year. Very short but filled with happy moments. Ade la 1 sad. Tak dapat makan ketupat moktok. Moktok forgot to bring masa datang raya rumah Mama and ingtkan dapat la makan on the second. Habissss T_T

ps: The Wife wrote this :P lazy to log out his acc.

Friday, October 6, 2017


Aqil has been challenging these days and I really hate this phase. The tantrum.. oh my god! Where did he get those energy??

He could spent hourS to throw his voice out loud, and keep continue before he really gives the white flag. It has been a struggling weeks and my heart just hardened. I had enough of spanking and this week I had to start the bathroom timeout, again.

Today he asked me to teman him minum air. Done it once but not twice. I told him he have to do it by himself and he refused. Therefore the drama this morning. I started timing after all the pep talk didnt work.

20minutes in the bathroom with forced shower.

That. Is. A. Record.

The whole building must be cursing me this week 'Again?! Crying?'

Felt terrible at early days but no more. Ibu got to straight you up. Hitting might work faster than timeout but I realized he became more stubborn.

The timeout seems working this week and he has improved. Manja can layan. That, I understand but when he just dont want to give in as well, hence the timeout.

I look at my number three and pray. Please please please no more tantrum from you, just pleaseeeee.