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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Of Baking Cookies - Nestum Gingerbreadman Cookies

Rauhah turning 4 this year. It was a great year for doing stuffs like this. She enjoyed helping me at the kitchen even just stirring the flour.

I had leftover oats and found this recipe to try. It was supposed to be shaped as fingers as the name called but I am excited to try this cookie cutter. To my surprise, Rauhah knows the name of it.

'Ibu buat ape? *looking at the tray* Wahh gingerbread man! Thank you Ibu! (while hugging me tight)'

These are the moments that I want to remember.

Well, probably another moments where the oat jatuh bersepai. Dah la the only oats that I have. Oats tu siap kne fried and blend. Renyah and then jatuh. Hadoii..kne cuci lagi kne pikir nk ganti ape plak oat xde. Luckily nestum ade, so gantilah nestum.

Dah siap bakar, she is so excited nak try the cookies but kne coat with milk powder pulak. So kne la buat cerita 'Oh..gingerbreadman kene main snow dulu baru Rauhah boleh makan' and she happily wanted to help again. 

Tp mmg kne keep an eye on her - not because I am afraid of the mess but sebab die jilat2 tangan sambil coat the cookies =_=" So few times la die gigih basuh tangan sbb TERlupa TERjilat tangan lps coat. Haha.

The cookies sedap. I think kalau buat oat pun ok sbb dah fried garing dulu. I rolled it flat in 0.5cm je sebab I like it crunchy. Nyum2! Besar pulak rase but naseb baik sedap so I think this will laku this Raya :)

Biskut Jejari Oat Susu
Source: Haniza

Bahan A

225g butter
125 gula kastor
1 biji kuning telur
1tsp vanilla essence

Bahan B

20g tepung kastad
75g tepung jagung (I had not enough so add the remaining with tepung kastad)
250g tepung gandum
100g oat (I used nestum - blend halus)
2tbs serbuk koko

Coating: 100g milk powder + 20g icing sugar (ngam2 for all the dough)


1. Putar gula + butter sampai sebati
2. Masukkan semua tepung, serbuk coco dan oat (I tak ayak trus masuk KA)
3. Masuk vanilla + kuning telur
4. Uli sebati (I used dough hook from start, so KA did all the kneading) smpai jadi doh boleh bentuk
5. Bentukkan
6. Bakar at 160degrees for 15/20 minutes depending on the thickness. Mine nipis je.
7. Coat with milk powder and icing sugar

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