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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tefal Actifry Preview

Bought this from barangmurahuk at price RM699 without the basket. Months after I deposited the amount then there is warehouse sale at Citta Mall, the exact same price (-.-)"

Barangmurahuk showed the sale in their FB last November, paid everything and it took 5 months to arrive in my kitchen. Seriously, no fussy buyer with this seller.

Anyhow, I still have yet to receive my snack basket so my review just based purely on 1.2kg tefal actifry. Snack basket RM84 and beli dengan the same seller. Snack basket ni senang bile nk fried without paddle. Takde la nk kene balik2an food dalam tu. The food will be cooked evenly and nicely gitew.

I had (of course) fried fries and nuggets using this. The verdict? Well, it definitely taste exactly the same. Ive tried with and without oil and found out that I have to put an oil to make sure it wont become dry. Boleh la nak gune olive oil takat one spoon je. Maka, mari makan fries and nuggets tanpa bersalah.

Then I cooked ayam. Kalau stakat sketul, xpayah. Bazir letrik je. Tariff da la mahal skang. Lg cepat kau panas minyak sikit dan goreng ayam sketul tu. Cakap berdasarkan pengalaman. Haha.

Better fried chicken in large quantity, and it taste more or less the same but definitely healthier version. Ayam tak gune minyak takpe. Still Ok. Ayam rempah pun dah try tp tak dapat that crunchiness, better still it wasnt a disappointment. I shall try it again with longer time. Oh, I cooked ayam without the paddle. So just balik2kan bile one side dah masak.

Pastu goreng ikan. I purposely make little crisp for ikan masak kicap. Ater yang berkuah jangan ler ditaram gune actifry. Name pun actiFRY - geddit? Lame jugak nk dpt the same crisp like goreng dgn minyak tu, about 20min. Kalau nk cepat better masak gune minyak je. Ikan mmg wajib letak spoonful oil or else it'll dry and probably taste the same macam gune pemanggang ajaib tu. Ikan goreng actifry gune olive oil mcm biasa.

Then I fried my sayur campur for 5min je. Put garlic for a minute, then carrots for about 2min and the last was the broccoli. Siap! Tak letak minyak and I just use bekas goreng ikan tadi. Although it is a little bit dry, same jek rse ngn cooking atas dapur.

My SIL dah cooked keropok lekor and turns out nice. I have yet to try. I made doughnuts the other day but forgot to use actifry sebab my dough didnt turn out nicely which luckily Husband saves the day and fried using oil instead.

The downside? I just wish that it has auto turn off because right now, although the timer dah timeout, it still fried the food inside. Hari tu entah macam mane ralit buat menda lain, aku boleh boo-layan je bunyi timer die. Nasib x rentung fries akuh. Jd crunchy and dry la pulak. Hoho.

Pastu lagi bes kalau actifry ni ade menu selection, ayam, ikan, nasi ke vege ke. Takde la asik nk kene agak brape lame nk masak.

Cooking wise mmg berbaloi utk org yang gemar fried food ni. Banyak jimat masa dan minyak.

I have a lot of list to try with this actifry and this is why it is called preview sebab tak habis ganyang lagi this gadget. Will do another write up when I tried different cooking but as for now it is satisfying items in my kitchen!


Dils said...

Senang kan. Mende paling senang adalah ikan bilis sebab I hate goreng ikan bilis. Tak boleh leka nanti rentung. Yang ini my ikan bilis cooked nicely.

Pernah try frozen donut, turned out nicely gak. Keropok lekor memang turn out nicely gak.

Ikan tak pernah try sebab takut tak muat. Haha. Tak terpikir lak nak potong ikan tu. Maybe next time kut.

The wife said...

Why did I ever think of that?! I pun always hangitkan ikan bilis. Gonna try it nanti!

Aan Andes said...

Wahhh dah dpt ye.

Haa agreed on that auto off thingy. Dulu I THOT it comes together, rupanya ilek. Satu hal nak set timer in my head haha.

I've tried buat ayam goreng kunyit. Campak ayam dulu, after a while campak bawang and sayur. Yum! And no messy!