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Saturday, September 7, 2013

This one thing

Husband told me about one of his training session where the trainer asked 'State one thing that people didn't know about you'

One of the participant answer was 'Love adventure but already stop since having own child' which leads to his argument that the statement doesnt relate to the answer at all. Why? He thinks that the answer should have something to do that you love most and never stop doing it, no matter what circumstances you have - which I agree.

So there's one lady mention that she loves Japanese drama - and she's 40s. He's quite surprise cause her appearance doesnt say so and to love things that you love since (probably) high school is quite amazing. 

I asked Hubs what was his answer and he said 'I could write with both of my hands' with his proud face. Me, on the other hand still searching for my answer and he pointed:

'You can't stand the sun - Puteri lilin'

'No, Im not'

'Sayang, you willingly to carry the umbrella for the whole session at the clinic just because it was too sunny for less than a minute walking from our car to the building'

'That was mean for Rauhah la B'

'Oh yea? I noticed it happened wayyyy before Rauhah. Lagi besar payung tu lagi seronok. As if, you'll be soo happy, if you could bring umbrella wherever you go'


'Wait. Why are we talking about this again?'

'Just pointing the obvious'


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