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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The third

The only difference from any other day is when he said 'Malas nak pegi kerja hari ni. Anniversary kan?' and 'Sayang masak tak malam ni? Lets have some cake outside tonight nak?'

Can you believe we had only cake for dinner?

Please dont.

In reality, we actually tapau the cake back home and eat our full meal at Secret Recipe. He had Tom Yam Kung with Caramel Choc Drink and myself was Mozzarella Baked Fish with Flat White coffee. Rauhah is being typical 1 year old, chasing another kids who is twice/thrice/quince her age and sometimes grabbing our meal for a happy-huge-mess.

Above all, we had a splendid outing just for less than hour, including going to the mall and back home. Life has been so easy when you have everything you ever wanted in your life.

It's truly more than enough.


ps: The rose was given during Uda's convo last week. Early present gitew.

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