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Monday, October 10, 2011


I was looking from my window and saw a group of kids playing down hall. There's a bunch of them playing soccer and some of them playing something else under canopy which I can't guess since I am seeing from the 6th floor.

There's another pair of kids that caught my attention. It's seems that they are playing wrestling game but after a while I notice it was a serious fight. They are grappling, punching and kicking each other. The cartoon boy (as he's wearing cartoon shirts) always on top of the stripe boy and conquer the fight. It was unstoppable fight as some of the kids trying to pull them off but instead they get hurt. One of the rescuer get a kick on his tummy and there's funny boy being a referee.

Once a while they did stop and staring each other with fierce face but one of them either continue chasing or provoking the other. I have this thought 'Tak nak anak boy la kalau macam ni. Oh..salah. Itu ungrateful. Tak nak raise anak kat bandar'

Geezz..these boys really kick their ass off in this fight. Actually I almost cried seeing this kids fighting each other (tak suke tgk orang gaduh, especially kids) but I really want to know what's the ending.

There are adults near to them and also help to stop the fight but they just dont want it to end. Gaduh dan gaduh sampai penat. The man was talking and seems like saying something to both of them. The cartoon boy siap tunjuk-tunjuk tangan macam 'die ni.die ni' and the stripe boy was sitting with panting breath.

After a while, it seems a mouth fight pulak between two but the stripe boy mostly keep quite. Suddenly I realize the cartoon boy gives a hand to shake but the stripe boy refused and cried. The man said something to the boys and walk away.

The cartoon boy take the stripe boy hand and shake but the stripe boy slowly punch him at the his tummy - more like friendly punch. Luckily, it seems a happy ending when the cartoon boy laying his arm over the stripe boy's shoulder and pat on his back. Cartoon boy siap tolong lapkan air mata stripe boy and hold his hand to the stripe boy's face.


Gaduh guling-guling pun boleh baik lagi. Terus tukar tought 'Anak boy pun tak pe' :P :P

It's just reminds me how things that might seems wrong and full of hate can turn something so pure and peace. Such small fight leads to a beautiful relationship, that people do hate each other at some time but at the end, we still can forgive each other. Teringat satu pesanan 'Pemaaf itu lebih mulia di sisiNya dan tangan yang menghulur adalah lebih baik dari menerima'

I hope we all do have the forgiveness in our heart, no matter who is right or wrong, even it hurts us so bad deep down inside :)

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