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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baju oh baju

Does anyone in this world like to lipat kain? (If any, would you do it for free for me please?) Does any shirt in this world can do laundry on it's own, dry themselves and automatically 'walk' into the wardrobe? Someone should start invented that cause they will be rich and I will get the commission as I am the one who gives the idea (berangan)

I HATE folding and keep them in the closet. Anything to do with baju, except shopping. Thus I really need a HUGE or MANY wardrobes...and hangers, of course.

Aku kan cengeng. Sep bek ade orang tolong ^__^ Caught him helping with the leftovers while I am keeping the office attire in the room (^__^)

'..kerana sayang, tak men game pon xpe lah' 

Thank you, dear :)) Banyak pahalaaaa :))))))

1 comment :

pijat said...

Amazing angah!!! Haha.