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Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's her and his birthday!!

We celebrated with Hubs birthday on 16 Ramadhan (25 July) instead of 4th Aug as she's also born on that Hijrah day, plus combined dengan Abi nya jatuh the next day. It's just three of us with simple meal which turns out nasi goreng belacan yang kurenngg and telur bungkus tumpah garam (literally). Haha.

Rauhah hanya dapat rasa je kek tu, sikit sangat for her taste buds. Ibu rules until you are big enough okay! Kalau ikut Abi tu, mau die sumbat sesudu.

Taruk milestone sikit for 1 year update ni:
- walk confidently and only crawl when she is too tired
- less sleep means more play time
- two front teeth at the bottom
- talks gibberish

*insert doa baik2 kat sini*
// Mak mane tak doa yang baik2 untuk anak kan.

Happy birthday to you both! Love you both banyak-banyak!!

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