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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I am the mother of this baby!

We went back to both our Kampung last week and ends at Kuantan where I cast my vote. Hubs didnt vote this year so he left home with Adik and Acik on that Sunday.

I bring along Rauhah simply because she has this 'separation anxiety' going on with me nowadays.

Uda and I have the same Saluran and we queued together. As you could imagine, I'm not carrying Rauhah, of course. After 5 minutes queuing, a guy passed through us and mention 'laki g depan.die asing queue'.

We moved quickly as he said and we separated. I saw Uda was at the front and I got distracted when there's a girl suddenly cutting my queue because she didn't know the news.

After a while, I realized Uda was not at his place and I thought the Men's lane must've been so fast that I notice he already gone inside the room to vote.

Ladies lane on the other hand was super slow that we hadn't moved an inch!

I was drinking my water when suddenly Uda passed by with his finger painted in blue. He then casually said 'Nasib baik ade Rauhah, terus orang SPR tu panggil Uda pegi vote dulu. Bye Long. Jumpe karang ye'

Thatttt...just makes me want to shout 'I am the mother of this baby! Can I cut queue too?!'

Luckily I just queue for half an hour, else I asked Uda to bring Rauhah back to me and I'll probably use that line too :P

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