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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding boutique

Okay. Quick one before I go to bed (sangat sleepy ini hari). Umi (again) make another boutique hunting and found newly opened wedding boutique at Mahkota Square and she founds VERY good bargain with this one. All (read ALL) included in a package. I mean it. From doorgift, pelamin, baju, catering, PA system..ah semua lah (except hantaran deco since someone agree to sponsor *wink*)! I really didnt believe the price. A must go boutique when I'm home!

I said to Umi few times 'Tpulah' since I really dont believe the price they give it to her. There's a few concern when it comes to things that is too good to be true:
- things turns up didnt reach to what as been expected during discussion
- additional cost here and there
- organizing issue on how the handle things

At this point, I started to realize what I really want. Masa awal2 dulu rse mcm semua nak, pastu ble buat budgetting rase mcm kabut sangat. Risau tuh xyah crita lah. Huhu..

Ok. Ckup. Tdo. Nites!

1 comment :

abrak said...

I would say, you're doing just fine ;) and good to hear that you know what you really want ^___^